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Even with all my experience I don't claim to understand the working of spirits. Put your faith in Christ. It is time you must be reborn, the demon must be ceased. When you rise you will be reborn. Christ promises the Resurrection. You will be saved!
— Sister Greta to Damien in The Devil You Know

Sister Greta Fraueva
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Biographical Information
Gender Female
Occupation Emissary of the Sisco Dei
Character Information
Portrayed By Robin Weigert

Sister Greta Fraueva is a lay nun and a member of Sisco Dei group, a branch of the Vatican that deals with investigating paranormal and miraculous events, like possessions.

Appearance and Personality[]

A woman in her forties with fair skin and gray-streaked brown hair. Wearing civilian clothes, often made of white blouse and long blue skirt above the knee, instead of a typical habit of some orders of nuns. She always wears a small silver crucifix on a chain around her neck.

Sister Greta is a fervent religious and believes that everything is within the plan of God. Her religious fervor often also leads to commit reprehensible actions to achieve her goals. Sister Greta has a strong and stable personality as she is skilled in practicing real exorcisms.