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File:12-bradley james stars in aes upcoming drama series damien premiering march 2016.jpgFile:12-dm 105 05282015 jt 03354.jpgFile:9c - A&E-2
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File:Damien-Bradley-James-still.pngFile:Damien-Tiffany-Haynes-Kelly-Baptiste.jpgFile:Damien- A Most Dangerous Mission (S1, E2) - A&E
File:Damien- A Nun Takes On the Antichrist (S1, E9) - A&EFile:Damien- A Shared Grave (S1, E10) - A&EFile:Damien- Ann's Orders (S1, E5) - A&E
File:Damien- Childhood Teaser - New Series Premieres March 7th - A&EFile:Damien- Damien's Mother (S1, E6) - A&EFile:Damien- Damien Calls Det. Shay's Bluff (S1, E4) - A&E
File:Damien- Damien Leaves the Psych Ward (S1, E7) - A&EFile:Damien- Dark Dreams (S1, E6) - A&EFile:Damien- Inside the Episode- Abattoir (S1, E7) - A&E
File:Damien- Inside the Episode- Ave Satani (S1, E10) - A&EFile:Damien- Inside the Episode- Here is Wisdom (S1, E8) - A&EFile:Damien- Inside the Episode- Second Death (S1, E2) - A&E
File:Damien- Inside the Episode- Seven Curses (S1, E5) - A&EFile:Damien- Inside the Episode- Temptress (S1, E6) - A&EFile:Damien- Inside the Episode- The Beast Rises (S1, E1) - A&E
File:Damien- Inside the Episode- The Deliverer (S1, E3) - A&EFile:Damien- Inside the Episode- The Devil You Know (S1, E9) - A&EFile:Damien- Inside the Episode- The Number of Man (S1, E4) - A&E
File:Damien- Life of the Party Teaser - NEW SERIES Premieres March 7th - A&EFile:Damien- Margot Awakens (S1, E7) - A&EFile:Damien- New Series Based on "The Omen" - First Look - Coming 2016 - A&E
File:Damien- Official Comic-Con Trailer - Coming 2016 - A&EFile:Damien- On Holy Ground (S1, E2) - A&EFile:Damien- Psychiatrist or Servant? (S1, E8) - A&E
File:Damien- Seven-Headed Dragon (S1, E9) - A&EFile:Damien- Sister Greta Warns That Damien is a Real Threat (S1, E5) - A&EFile:Damien- Taxi Teaser - NEW SERIES Premieres March 7th - A&E
File:Damien- The Detective's Deadly Theory (S1, E3) - A&EFile:Damien- The Necktie (S1, E4) - A&EFile:Damien- Troy Takes the Escalator (S1, E3) - A&E
File:Damien- Veronica's End (S1, E8) - A&EFile:Damien-inside-tomb-scream.jpgFile:Damien-s1-bradley-james-castbio-688x1065.jpg
File:DamienFinaleSisterGreta.jpgFile:Damien "Second Death" Episode 2 Preview Mondays 10 9c A&EFile:Damien Ann Rutledge Sneak Peek New Series Premieres Monday 10-9c A&E
File:Damien Behind the Scenes Trailer New Series Monday 10-9c A&EFile:Damien Comic Con Panel - Bradley James, Barbara HersheyFile:Damien Promo - '666' Sneak Peek
File:Damien S01E08 03.jpgFile:Damien S01E08 06.jpgFile:Damien S1E06 02 Damien and Ann.jpg
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File:Damien S1E10 15.jpgFile:Damien S1E10 16.jpgFile:Damien S1E10 17.jpg
File:Damien S1E10 20.jpgFile:Damien Season 1 Episode 3 Preview Mondays 10-9c A&EFile:Damien Season 1 Episode 4 Preview
File:Damien Season 1 Episode 5 PreviewFile:Damien Season 1 Episode 6 PreviewFile:Damien Welcome Home Teaser - New Episodes Mondays 10 9c A&E
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