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Look around. If God did exist, then he’s timeless, right? So what’s he waiting for? Why doesn’t he save us now? Why didn’t he save Kelly? I mean she was reporting on atrocities all around the world, forced starvation, slavery, rape being used as a political weapon, she was helping those working against suffering. And God kills her in a parking lot. It’s unacceptable. I mean, he should do better. I’m supposed to accept some mythological ideology from 2,000 years ago that is all meant to mean something, it’s all part of some divine plan. I’m sorry father, that’s not good enough. It’s a cruel joke. If God's the one telling it, then he’s a sadistic prick.
— Damien to a priest at Kelly's funeral in Second Death

Damien Thorn
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Relationships Kelly Baptiste (ex-girlfriend)

Simone Baptiste (love interest)
Amani Golkar (best friend)

Occupation War Photographer
Character Information
Portrayed By Bradley James

Damien Thorn is the lead character of Damien (TV Series). He is portrayed by actor Bradley James.

Official Description: The mysterious child from the 1976 motion picture who has grown up, seemingly unaware that he is the Antichrist.

Appearance and Personality

Damien is an attractive thirty-year-old man with an athletic body, broad shoulders and well-proportioned face. Damien has blue eyes, dark blond hair and fair skin. Wearing casual clothes which consist of blue jeans, sweatshirts and t-shirts, boots and leather jacket.

Basically, Damien is a selfless and free thinker who hides bloody skeletons in the closet. Damien found relief in pain and suffering; War photographs have indeed on him a cathartic effect. Damien's past is studded with violent events: in addition to the alleged killing of his adoptive mother, archived as a domestic incident, Damien was also responsible for burns suffered by a college classmate during a game ended badly.


Damien Thorn is a young war photographer who, upon returning home, he began to experience unpleasant experiences that will lead to the fulfilment of his destiny. Returning from a war zone in Syria, while investigating with his colleague and ex-girlfriend Kelly Baptiste, he gets involved in mysterious events that led him to make the acquaintance of Ann Rutledge, a woman from his past who believed he is the Antichrist. When Kelly dies in suspicious circumstances drowning in a mud puddle, Damien has a nervous breakdown.[1] Following Kelly's funeral, Damien is haunted by a mysterious old woman who had approached him in Syria and that is present in every photo taken by Damien. While trying to get on top of Kelly's death, Damien is attacked by a man trying to stab him with a Dagger of Megiddo, but is mysteriously hit by a taxi. Detective Shay, who's in charge of the investigation, is suspicious towards Damien, who is again approached and protected by Ann Rutledge [2] Meanwhile Ann Rutledge shows the underground room in her house, containing all the memorabilia from his childhood. When Damien contact John Lyons, the troubles are not over. Manipulated by Anne Rutledge, Damien causes the death of a member of Armitage when he saves a child from being run over by a train.[3] As Damien's paranoia grows, the man has an argument with Detective Shay, who accused him of being responsible for the recent deaths.[4] Damien goes to the hospital to meet a psychiatrist about his PTSD and meets the family of the little boy he saved at the subway station. He established a friendship with the father of the child, also he experiences diabolical visions that hail him as the Antichrist and the bearer of the Apocalypse. Damien has a severe nervous breakdown and goes to his parent's home and tries to kill himself in the garage via carbon monoxide and injecting himself with something to lose consciousness. However, two dogs drag him out and guard him.[5] Damien wakes in the hospital to find Ann convincing the doctor that his suicide attempt is indeed an accidental drug overdose. He escapes to talk to Lyons to learn more about Ann. He also finds a tattoo artist who tells him that the 666 tattoo on his head was done forcefully. The doctor calls to tell him that they found hallucinogens in his blood, and he suspects that Ann has been poisoning him in order to plant the whole Antichrist narrative. He becomes happier as he realizes that the whole Antichrist story is made up. He tries to get rid of Ann by following her and, in the process, discovers his mother living quietly in a countryside estate. Ann catches up with him, and he accidentally pushes his mother to her death while trying to kill Ann. He leaves his mother's home but gets arrested by Shay, who leaves him in the car only to be attacked by the old woman. He wakes up screaming in the ambulance and later realizes that the whole thing is a dream. In the hospital, Ann tries to calm him, but, when she realizes that he hates her, she leaves and breaks down in tears.[6] Left the hospital, Damien tries to cope with the situation and try to discern reality from the visions, but discovers that Ann and John Lyons not only know each other intimately, but they seem to to be accomplices in the matter of the satanic cult.[7] The troubles of Damien with the police are not finished. Detective Shay, in fact, is still convinced of the guilt of Damien, who, meanwhile, visits a psychiatrist who manipulates his mind putting him in position to succumb to his violent side. Damien arrives about to kill Charles Powell, a former classmate who at the time of the college Damien had disfigured by fire. The man loves Damien to the point that he confesses that he killed in his name.[8]



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  • Damien has the mark 666 tattooed on his scalp.
  • According to Ann Rutledge, Damien is the son of Satan involved at the centre of several feuds: Satanists who want to idolize him, Christians who want to stop him and those like her who want to protect him.